Sunday, 12 May 2013

Post Production

Post Production

In order for my product to be successful and look good, after the filming process I decided to edit and transform several things. By doing this I would be making my product potentially better and I would be improving it. I edited and transformed several things, such as:

  • Throughout the product, the lighting and visibility of the product was seen poor at some points, so therefore I decided to edit the brightness of the product. I edited the brightness of the product in some scenes to make them more visible and at some points to make the quality better.

  • I also added text to my product, this is seen in the opening and closing of the product, by adding a text it gave it a bit of a background and it also added a different technique to the product

  • Sound is a good thing to edit, especially when it comes to sounds regarding objects, in my product a chair gets thrown across the floor so when editing my product i downloaded a chair being thrown sound from as well as several other sounds that are heard in my media product

  • Aswell as downloading sounds, I also added various sounds such as clinking chains, an old man laughing and floorboards creaking, by doing this it helped to add tension and suspense to my product aswell as helping to support the horror genre to my product

  • Finally with regards to sound, I added some music at the beginning and end of my media product to help set the scene, show the genre and just to improve my product

  • And finally i added the BadTV effect into my media product, not only because it looked good but again it really helped to support my genre of horror and it made thew product more exiting and not dull