Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Post-Production Questions!

An agony of a cliff-hanger is the theme of the film as well as it having a slight mysterious theme too it also.
As we get further into the film we see the mood change and become more tense and we feel suspension    occur a lot more to.  This was done by acting more ferocious and by raising voices and also by adding a slight bit of music too the film in the background. 
Out of a twelve sequence story-board, the first two sequences are filmed in a hallway with just a door in and Amy's character in sight, where as the following ten sequences were filmed in a small box room lit by a small desk lamp containing a desk with a table and chairs in. 

The location should help encourage the film too have mood and atmosphere and it should help it too create the tension that it needs too have. Each scene apart from the first two are lit the same with just a desk lamp as a source of light. The first two scenes are lit by just a normal ceiling light.

The props we used that go with the set were just a table and chairs with a desk-lamp on top of it and also Amy's character has a pen and paper with her.

In the film Amy's character keeps a pen and paper with her most of the time like the one below.

In the film Amy's character wears a black blouse and skirt, this shows us she looks formal and that she is sophisticated.

My character was wearing a green shirt and green jeans, like the one below.
Black and white would help too promote the film due too the theme of it and also dark colours and dim lights, such as a dim yellow shadowing.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Inspiration For The Film!

The inspiration for the film came from various television shows that we had seen, for example 'The Bill' and 'Law And Order UK' This is because in these television shows we often see the characters sitting at a desk in a dark box room with only a lamp as a source of light. We also often see celebrities and actors and actresses that are popular and that we like appearing in these shows, this also helped us choose what too do as theses show are popular too us. 


Roles And Responsibilities!

Throughout the filming, editing and planning of the task, Amy and myself had a various number of tasks to do for the film. 
Throughout the process Amy had the role of playing a character in the film as well as changing and filming the different camera angles in the film. 
Throughout the process I had the role of playing a character in our film as well as changing and filming the different camera angles in the film. I also had the task of writing up the storyboard for the film.
Also we both shared the roles of deciding a storyline and writing our script.

Pre-Production Task!

Our media film:

For our short film we come up with a shooting schedule where we created a storyboard containing twelve slides. By creating this storyboard we were able too tell how long it would take too film and where abouts we could possible film our film. It also showed us what types of camera angles that we could and would use and how too do certain techniques, such as the 180 degree rule.