Sunday, 12 May 2013

Post Production

Post Production

In order for my product to be successful and look good, after the filming process I decided to edit and transform several things. By doing this I would be making my product potentially better and I would be improving it. I edited and transformed several things, such as:

  • Throughout the product, the lighting and visibility of the product was seen poor at some points, so therefore I decided to edit the brightness of the product. I edited the brightness of the product in some scenes to make them more visible and at some points to make the quality better.

  • I also added text to my product, this is seen in the opening and closing of the product, by adding a text it gave it a bit of a background and it also added a different technique to the product

  • Sound is a good thing to edit, especially when it comes to sounds regarding objects, in my product a chair gets thrown across the floor so when editing my product i downloaded a chair being thrown sound from as well as several other sounds that are heard in my media product

  • Aswell as downloading sounds, I also added various sounds such as clinking chains, an old man laughing and floorboards creaking, by doing this it helped to add tension and suspense to my product aswell as helping to support the horror genre to my product

  • Finally with regards to sound, I added some music at the beginning and end of my media product to help set the scene, show the genre and just to improve my product

  • And finally i added the BadTV effect into my media product, not only because it looked good but again it really helped to support my genre of horror and it made thew product more exiting and not dull

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Below is our storyboard which is what we used too film and produce our film.

Location Of The Film

Below is a photograpgh of the room that we used too film Amy walking through the door too get the 'Interview Room'

Below is a close up of the door that Amy walks through too get into the 'Interview Room'

Below is a picture of the room as we first see it as Amy walks in and where the young man i play is sitting.

Below is a photograph of the table and chairs that Amy and myself are sitting at through out most of the film.

Shooting Script Questions

Too establish the establish the environment we need too make sure that our scene and our setting for he film are set out correctly and efficiently and so that you can clearly tell where you are. We need to make sure that the table and chars are a good indication of where the film is set and also we need too show that the lamp has significance by supping light for dramatic effect. 

You see establishment all throughout the film and in many of it's dramatic and important scenes, for example when the male character shouts and slams the table. 

The characters move all throughout the film but in some parts of movements are significant too the characters feelings ands emotions, for example when my character of the young man being interview is asked a questions that he doesn't want too answer nor know the answer too he bangs and slams on the table, this helps too show his mood of aggression and anger, where as Amy's character of the young police woman interviewing him looks very tense whilst also being quite calm and relaxed when she displays and shows the young man the evidence that was found too prove where the Young man was. By changing the camera angles we can see this clearly, for example when the young man cries and gets distressed at the end the camera zooms out too and also when the police woman and interviewer sit down the camera zooms in on them too show effect. 

There are some significant eyeline movements in the film and they occur when there are tense or suspicious moments throughout the film.

The camera moves throughout the film, most of the time, it moves on mood changes, atmospheric effects and  also in general moments, either to add effect or show something or just in general too get a better viewing of the characters emotion or mood.